LaBE Abogados

LaBE Abogados is an international law firm with a history of more than 40 years full of milestones and legal achievements. Throughout this period, the firm has gained prestige thanks to its multidisciplinary offer of advice to its customers via its strong national and international presence.

Formed by a group of expert consultants, LaBE Abogados offers managerial advice both in the more classical areas of practice in the profession as well as in certain production sectors, which, by their nature, enjoy a specific legal and fiscal context.



Our Mission


LaBE Abogados has a team of specialist lawyers in the public sector that develops comprehensive legal advice on public procurement, offering comprehensive advice about the following legal services:

• Contracts tendered on the one hand, under the protection of the dispositions of the regulation as for public contracts; and on the other hand, contracts tendered in the so-called excluded sectors. Likewise, we also have extensive experience in defense contracts.

• Legal advice in relation to the execution and performance of those businesses and contracts tendered by authorities, agencies and entities in the public sector and which are excluded from the application of the regulations cited above.

• A representation and defense service at trial of the highest quality in administrative matters.
Among the members of our team, we have professionals who have worked and belonged to the public sector during their professional career and, therefore, thanks to their extensive experience in this sector, we can offer a unique advice in projects of a high strategic level, covering the entire process from beginning to end.
Among the services we offer, some of them can be highlighted, such as:

• The writing and execution of administrative contracts and those from the public sector (concession, public works, service management, services, supply, public-private partnerships, etc.).

• Analysis and advice on all matters relating to the heritage of Administration (public domain and patrimonial goods).

• Advice on litigation about the patrimonial responsibility of the Administration.

• Legal issues like forced expropriation.

• Advice on all matters relating to the civil service (public servants, state exams, RPT, etc.).

• Legal advice on all matters concerning professional positions/posts (content, preparation, approval).

• Recruitment (indefinite, temporary, fixed-discontinuous contracts, etc.).

• Advice in cases of collective bargaining (negotiation, agreements, improvement clauses).

• Legal issues to do with working conditions (illegal ending, substantial modifications in working conditions, working hours, leave).

• Analysis and appeal regarding the restructuring of employment regulations.

• Specialized advice according to the specific sector (water, infrastructures, mines, forestry, etc.).

• Procedures for concessions, authorization and legalization.

Resulting from our in depth knowledge of the sector, thanks to the professional trajectory of the members of the aerospace and defense advice team at LaBE Abogados, among our clients we have major defense contractors and their suppliers, as well as national and international airlines and airports, we offer them optimum legal advice.

Among the legal issues on which we have worked, the following can be mentioned:

• Legal advice on agreements and transactions between large companies and conflict resolution over recent years in the aerospace and defense industries.

• Legal advice, mediation and services of arbitration in the partly State-owned aeronautical sector of major airlines.

• Integration of systems, elaboration of defense contracts, issues about international cooperation, partnerships and alliances.

• Legal advice on private financing initiatives and public-private partnerships arising between companies and the Public Administration.

• Analysis of legal issues about technology and intellectual property rights, as well as the allocation of risks, and labour issues.

Likewise, LaBE Abogados also offers protection and business preservation services addressing environmental issues or giving advice on export controls. The team at LaBE Abogados works with its clients to help them maintain market share and manage relations with regulators and other organisms in the industry.

LaBE Abogados has a team of professionals who are specialized in the food and drink sector, with over twenty years’ experience in providing advice to domestic and foreign companies, and multinational groups in the sector. LaBE Abogados’ team has an international trade department, where it advises and helps exporters who want to internationalize their products, as well as importers who want to expand their product portfolio in Spain.

Similarly, the food and drinks sector has a close relationship with the department of International Trade and Customs. So thanks to our foreign trade and logistics experts, we offer full legal assistance, from legal assistance related to production and to packaging, labelling, composition, designation, transport, marketing and advertising of the products in question, as well as in the process of exporting and importing them from and to other countries.

By way of illustration, some of the business matters we have attended to in recent years are the following:

• Advice on legal or international economic claims.

• Attendance at proceedings before regional autonomous, State and community, national and international food authorities.

• Litigation over product liability.

• Restructuring of group of companies and tax optimization (holding).

• Full legal advice on purchases and contracts for the provision of international services.

• Planning and legal assistance in all matters relating to the creation of branches, subsidiaries or the creation of joint ventures abroad.

LaBE Abogados is considered one of the leading firms in Spain in giving expert advice to the automotive sector. We have a multidisciplinary team of consultants, lawyers and technicians specialized in the business of the different operators in the automotive sector, originating from the OEMs and going up to the Concessionaries, through the TIERs and importers too.

LaBE Abogados has extensive professional experience where we can highlight services we have offered to concessionaires and automotive workshops, devoting ourselves to the defense of the interests of its professionals, as well as to domestic and international companies that undertake professional activity in our country.

By way of illustration, we can mention some of the management tasks we have carried out in recent years:

• Audit services and comprehensive legal advice in the automotive sector.

• Tax advice to all companies in the sector, which operate nationally and internationally.

• Labour advice on matters regarding workers and contracts for companies in the automotive sector.

• Consulting with regard to matters of competition law, State aid and prohibited practices.

• Advice and contentious-administrative litigation.

The specialist team in construction and Real Estate that is part of LaBE Abogados can be found in the Department of Real Estate Law It works for construction companies, property development companies, as well as architects, engineering and project management studies, for both individuals and end users of the product. In all matters relating to Real Estate, LaBE Abogados has established commercial synergies with international companies in the sector who are settled in Spain and abroad, to offer our clients better advice when interested in buying a real estate property abroad.

All this, allows us to have a complete vision of the constructive process and offer clients the legal tools that serve to limit or reduce any risk. Among our Real Estate consulting services, we are able to offer the following:

• Advice on the management of strategic, financial, legal and technological real estate projects.

• Legal advice on all matters relating to real estate investment: in this area, we have developed our business activity and experience over long trading processes of economic importance nationally and internationally. Among the services offered by LaBE Abogados we can mention some, for example, the search for Real Estate assets, advice on the assessment of financing alternatives, performance of companies’ Due Diligences, legal assistance in mergers and acquisitions and in matters of Sale & Lease Back.

• Corporate Finance: we offer comprehensive advice to companies and individuals for the taking of the right strategic decisions in all kinds of corporate operations. Included among the services offered by LaBE Abogados is financial strategic advice and advice about corporate operations, as well as Fund Raising and Distressed Assets.

• Strategic and Legal consulting: LaBE Abogados also includes this area, and thanks to its Strategic Consulting team, we offer first rate advice on real-estate decisions of a strategic nature through a meticulous and complete analysis of the environment and of the existing alternatives. We have extensive experience in advising large domestic corporations about asset optimization processes, real estate debt management and highly complex financial-real estate operations.

The distribution and logistics area of LaBE Abogados is part of the department of Business and International Trade and, in this sense LaBE Abogados has, through professional synergies, created an important multidisciplinary team regarding all the aspects necessary in the field of transportation and logistics from the various fields of law (administrative, financial-commercial, fiscal, procedural and insolvency). Therefore, we have clients in both the public and private sectors, with an emphasis on the areas concerned with airports, ports, railways and roads.

The professionals who make up LaBE Abogados’ Transportation and Logistics Group offer their customers proven experience in providing legal advice to companies in the sector and, in particular, to those that have international business lines, which make everything relative to international distribution and logistics very important.

Among the services we offer, the following can be mentioned:

• Advising on the privatization of companies.

• Legal-technical assistance on joint forms of public-private partnerships (PPP) in the field of transport.

• International advice to multinational companies operating in Spain.

• Arbitration and mediation in national and international disputes.

The team from LaBE Abogados’ sports department provides individualized advice to any company or individual employed in the Sports sector or has managerial interests in the sector.

We have extensive experience in the entire field of law and sport since we are a multidisciplinary group of lawyers, specialists in providing advice to athletes, federations, clubs, associations and sports companies, sponsors, committees and companies which organize sporting events, etc.

The sports team offers a wide range of legal services to all our clients in the sports world, adapting our specialties to the legal nature of their activities. Among them, we can mention the following:

• Advice on tax planning for companies in the sports sector.

• Advising on labour relations issues in public and private companies.

• Optimization of financial structures.

• Sports sponsorship.

• Development of strategies for the registration and protection of trademarks.

• Legal advice on the management and protection of image rights.

• Legal advice on the management and protection of television broadcasting rights.

• Mediation and arbitration services in sporting disputes.

• Legal advice to federations, sports clubs, foundations and non-profit organizations in the sports sector.

Ever since the creation of the LaBE Group, the Business Law Department has had a Family Business group, due to this sector’s importance and presence in the whole of our socioeconomic environment. During these 30 years, we have been building up and managing knowledge and experience in a structured way and, currently, it constitutes our major resource, our know-how in this area that family businesses can find in Spain. In this sense, LaBE Abogados’ experience in working with family businesses is the most extensive of any national or international firm, and can offer complete legal advice on everything relative to this specialty.

Thanks to the in depth knowledge of our team, composed as it is of professionals specialized in providing legal advice to family businesses in Spain and various European countries, we offer our clients solutions to all situations commonly encountered in family businesses. Whatever sector they operate in, whatever generational stage they are at, or whatever type of family company they own.

Among the services we offer, the following can be mentioned:

• Legal and tax advice in the planning of succession processes, tax planning for family businesses, corporate reorganization and the organization of legal-social relations.

• Advice and execution regarding acquisition and sale procedures of family businesses, conducting Due Diligences, etc.

• Consulting service regarding generational changes, family protocols, and everything relative to the professionalization of family businesses, such as training, mentoring, internationalization, diagnosis of professionalization models, etc.

En LaBE Abogados contamos con un grupo de profesionales altamente especializado en el sector de la energía. Gracias a su especialización y las sinergias comerciales que he desarrollado con despachos y operadores energéticos internacionales, lleva décadas asesorando proyectos energéticos de gran relevancia a nivel nacional como internacional.

In LaBE Abogados, we have a group of highly specialized professionals in the energy sector. Thanks to their specialization and to the commercial synergies we have developed with offices and international energy carriers, we have spent decades advising on energy projects of great importance both nationally and internationally.

Our specialization and multidisciplinary vocation allow us to provide comprehensive advice specialized in the energy sector, adding value to our clients. In this sense, by way of illustration, some of the services that we carry out are mentioned below:

• Advice and legal-fiscal representation to domestic and international companies.

• Legal advice to public business entities and the Public Administration.

• Advice on commercial and corporate aspects, in matters of project finance and commercial contracts.

• Legal advice in all matters relating to sectors such as electricity, oil and gas.

• Arbitration and mediation in litigation relating to the energetic sector.

• Global advice on joint venture operations in the energy sector both nationally and internationally.

• Stock market operations for the purchase and sale of energy companies.

• Advice on the purchase and sale of companies and on all their variants, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and regulatory competition issues.

LaBE Abogados offers legal advice in all areas of Banking and Financial Law providing a dynamic and flexible service, that thanks to the extensive professional experience that its team of lawyers possess; we are considered one of the leading and most renowned national firms in the provision of financial advice.

LaBE Abogados offers its clients global coverage in all of the sector’s legal and regulatory issues. Our vision takes in the full range of advice, from that of a fiscal, labour or administrative nature to issues of competition law and European regulation.
Among the services we offer, we include assistance and legal advice relative to:

• Advising on corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions.

• Legal advice on the funding of complete projects.

• Analysis of banking products.

• Advice on areas and sectors related to the regulatory sector: the stock market, the regulation of the energetic sector, etc.

• Writing and revision of contracting in financial arrangements (general and particular conditions and telephonic scripts).

• Legal defense in complaints to the CNMV, Bank of Spain, Investor Ombudsman, etc.

• Negotiation, drafting and review of specific policies such as Bankers Blanket Bonds (BBB).

LaBE Abogados is one of the leading law firms specialized in advising franchisors and franchisees.

With the idea of offering customers a global quality service adapted to the specific needs of the franchise system, LaBE Abogados has a team of lawyers who are specialized in advising franchisors and franchisees.

Our commitment to entrepreneurs, who develop their business through this system, is limited to not only covering specific needs, but also aims to work as a permanent workforce staffing the centre, outsourcing the network’s legal services and helping it monitor the investment or project that they want to undertake.

As a team of lawyers specialized in franchises, besides all the generic actions, we offer specific services such as the following:

• Legal advice on the design of distribution networks as well as franchises and the protection of company trademarks.

• All matters relating to the process, inscription and update of data in the Franchisor Registry.

• Elaboration of the contractual and pre-contractual documentation of the franchise.

• Legal defense and crisis management of franchise networks.

• Legal-technical support for the whole franchise network, as well as legal defense in court.

• Audit of the entire franchise network.

The team dedicated to advising foundations and non-profit entities in LaBE Abogados has extensive experience in advising our country’s main foundations thanks to the in depth legal knowledge of our highly professional customer service.

We offer advice on everything needed in order to create a new foundation or non-profit entity, as well advice on the monitoring and restructuring of organizations. Among our clients are non-governmental organizations, public sector entities and other foundations of various natures.

Among the services, which we have been offering in recent years, the following can be highlighted:

• Constitution of foundations from the writing of constitutions, bylaws, organs of government, patronage, up to their composition, etc.

• Advice on the foundation’s own activities: evaluation of admitted activities in accordance with the Law on Foundations, personnel recruitment, movements of patrimony.

• Tax advice: special tax regime for non-profit entities, requirements in order to benefit from the tax regime, application of and loss of the regime’s privileges, tax regime of donations and contributions to the foundation.

• Advice on intellectual and industrial property: protection of intangible assets and of works. Brands, patents and industrial designs.

In recent years, issues of Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility have become more important in all kinds of organizations, both in the business world and in Public Administrations. For this reason, and so that our clients are always at the forefront of the best practices in these matters, LaBE Abogados relies on a group of highly specialized professionals in Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility. They are leaders in their respective sectors, having come from the different areas of practice involved in these matters, for example, from commercial law, consulting in different areas of the company, tax law, etc.

Our vocation, highly qualified and expert members of our Governance and Corporate Responsibility team, enables LaBE Abogados to provide incomparable comprehensive specialized advice on Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility, providing our clients the value and safety that by way of illustration we can mention the following legal services that we have been developing from the start:

• All matters relating to the design and development of standards of good corporate governance.

• Advice on applicable regulations and periodic reviews, and the adaptation and development of standards.

• Study, analysis and periodic review, adapting rules to the existing requirements or recommendations at all times.

• Development and collaboration in the preparation of Annual Corporate Governance Reports and Annual Reports on Compensation, as well as the development of good policies for such cases.

Also within our team of professionals specializing in Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility we have penal and tax experts who advise and collaborate with the main department of this area.

The healthcare industry department is within the pharmaceutical law practice area. We have a group of professionals specialized in advising domestic and foreign companies in the healthcare sector. LaBE Abogados’ innovative nature and the extensive experience of its legal professionals, has allowed it to position itself as one of the best law firms nationwide regarding the provision of the best specialized services in this sector.

Likewise, LaBE Abogados is one of the leaders in giving advice about public-private partnership projects in the healthcare sector, with a strong international perspective, which is being supported thanks to our international agreements with foreign law firms and consultancies in recent years.

Among the services we offer, we can highlight legal advice on:

• All matters relating to the protection of Personal Data.

• Development and Research of the Centre’s Clinical History.

• Forms and documents reflecting Patients’ rights.

• Intellectual and industrial property: pharmaceutical patents.

• Advertising drugs, medicines and other healthcare products.

• Elaboration and monitoring of electronic prescriptions.

• Mediation and arbitration in the resolution of conflicts.

• Studies and Research from Clinical Trials.

• Analysis of Biotechnology Projects.

The department of infrastructures and public-private partnerships was recently created due to the administrative reality in which we are nowadays immersed.

The infrastructures and partnerships team is made up of staff specialized both in advising the Public Administration on projects promoting and constructing public infrastructure and the provision of services, as well as advising concessionary public works and service management companies (highways, roads, ports, airports, subway, health management, etc.).
Among the main legal services that we have been developing, the following can be mentioned:

• Legal advice to public entities on projects of promotion and construction of public infrastructures and provision of services, especially on ESA-95 standards.

• Advice to concessionary public works companies and public services management companies.

• Advice on financing public projects.

• Management of economic rebalancing mechanisms and management of services and construction contracts for turnkey projects.

The gaming industry in Spain, which in recent years has experienced major advances and innumerable changes, following the development of new gaming modalities in Spain, has positioned itself as one of our country’s most important assets for the economic development of the same.

In this sense, LaBE Abogados’ Gaming and Entertainment area, due to commercial synergies developed with companies in the sector as well as with public regulatory authorities, has enabled it to position itself as one of the leading law firms nationwide that offers complete advice in all matters relating to this sector.

The team that we have is a group of professionals drawn from different gaming and entertainment companies that together have created a very important legal asset in the office offering first level advice. The following can be mentioned as examples:

• Continuous legal and regulatory advice to the different agents in the sector (operators, manufacturers, platforms, content suppliers, importers, distributors, etc.).

• Legal advice on regulation and relevant regulatory aspects.

• Obtaining all kinds of enabling titles and the fulfillment of associate requirements.

• Legal advice on the creation and development of new business models in the gaming industry (house brand, affiliates, distribution, etc.).

Likewise, we offer advice on other matters that are directly linked to the previous ones, such as, on the protection of information, the prevention of money laundering, electronic commerce, etc.

The Raw Materials and Natural Resources team at LaBE Abogados belongs to the Department of Energy, where our team of lawyers is specialized in matters such as national and international natural resources, mining, water rights and all matters relating to environmental legislation.

The team that works in this sector has an in depth knowledge of all the legal implications in the business of buying and selling raw materials, thanks to its extensive professional experience and, this is why we can mention the following list as recent legal services that we have provided:

• Advice on the trading of cereals, oils, seeds, meat products, biofuels, sugars and industrial steel products.

• Advice on environmental issues, both in terms of waste treatment and with regard to dumping or recycling, as in matters of competition law.

• Advice on issues of Labour Law: collective bargaining, occupational accidents, prevention of occupational hazards and administrative law matters, in particular in aspects of recruitment, licenses and subsidies.

LaBE Abogados’ team is a group of professionals coming from different companies in the gaming and entertainment sector that together have created a very important legal asset in the office, offering first level advice.

We can mention as an example the following:

• Advice on corporate operations and corporate aspects of companies in the audiovisual sector.

• Writing and execution of contracts, such as wholesaler recruitment contracts for providers of electronic communication services or contracts to access the network, for the leasing of audiovisual licenses, affiliation agreements, coproduction or content distribution, licenses, technological platforms, contracts with creative entities, management or advertising agencies.

• Advice on issues of sectorial regulation in telecommunications and audiovisual services.

• Issues of intellectual property and advertising.

• All matters relating to privacy, the right to honour, intimacy and self-image.

• Competition and merger control.

• Advice on the financing of audiovisual productions, and the monitoring and maintenance of projects.

• Fiscal advice on all operations.

La BE Abogados’ Private Client Department lies within the financial area of the office, where we help all our clients to preserve their financial security and their legacy for future generations. In LaBE, the leadership of our team creates an atmosphere that clearly connects with clients to achieve the best results in managing their personal or familiar heritage. Overall advice is given in order to collaborate in its preservation and growth, as well as securing their legacy for future generations.

Our lawyers are subject to a confidentiality agreement, in such a way that all their activity is discrete. Among our services, we can offer the following:

• Heritage management.

• Planning and fiscal advice.

• Advice on investment management tools, both financial and managerial.

• Advice on investment, ownership and divestment of real estate assets, constitution and management of family organized heritages (family offices).
Likewise, the Private Equity and Venture Capital team provides legal advice services on matters such as the following:

• Design and fiscal structuring of operations.

• Advice on the negotiation and writing of contracts in all types of investments (LBOs, MBOs, secondaries, public to private transactions, turnaround and recap operations) and on the financing of the same.

• Advice to managers and owners who resort to venture capital in the search to finance their businesses.

• Listing / Going public and disinvestment processes, including IPOs and MAB.

The Retail & Consumption team is another of the departments, which the Business Law area is dedicated to. Thanks to our extensive experience, our team of multidisciplinary professionals and our interdepartmental skills, we offer a quality service in daily or strategic issues, such as the following:

• Advice on the entire implementation and logistics process within a company.

• Advice on the acquisition or construction of premises.

• Administrative advice, such as, on the concession of licenses.

• Advice on intellectual property and brands.

• All matters relating to the management and implementation of franchises, negotiation with suppliers and distributors, or the rights of consumers.

Thanks to our professionals and the trust we have been able to transmit, we have participated in several significant operations of our country and we have represented important national and international clients from this sector in recent years.

The insurance sector is part of LaBE Abogados’ Civil Department. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of professionals from the sector and their ample experience in insurance, LaBE Abogados has been offering insurance advice services for more than a decade and, among these, offers the following:

• Advice to insurers, pension fund management entities, insurance brokers and companies with pension commitments.

• Advice to companies and insurance intermediaries’ on regulatory issues relating to the world of insurance mediation and social welfare systems.

• Advice on the insurance sector in general and on products and services, such as life insurance policies.

The information services sector is within the area of technology at LaBE Abogados. Our team is made up of lawyers specialized in areas such as Information Technology and Communication Law, and offers legal and fiscal advice on the whole set of businesses which are currently online, be they telecommunication services or digital media.

In LaBE Abogados, among the main services that the Department of Information Technology and Communication Law offers, the following can be included:

• Advice and studies on the legal risks in digital and electronic commerce projects.

• Data protection risk analysis regarding a company’s documents.

• Legal advice to telecom operators, media companies and Internet services, as well as to electronic signature providers.

• Legal advice on e-business and digital marketing.

• Advice on IT matters such as the use of metatags and domain names.

• Advice on the preparation of contracts, such as those for license agreements, technology transfer, distribution of equipment and support, maintenance and development of IT programs.

• Legal assistance in contracts for the provision of Internet services, information technology, telecommunications, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), outsourcing and electronic e-commerce platforms.

• Advice on proceedings before the Telecommunication Market Commission and the Ministry of Public Works relative to requests for licenses, authorizations and concessions for the provision of telecommunication services.

• Writing and negotiation of contracts related to telecommunication services and added value.

• Legal analysis on the security and confidentiality of data and their files in the telecommunication sector, and commercial communication by electronic means.

• Diagnosis and audits on the degree of compliance with current legislation, with special emphasis on data processing, networks and bases, as well as legal defense including actions before the Data Protection Agency.

At LaBE Abogados, we have a technology and outsourcing department that is within the practice area of technology. Our team is made up of lawyers and consultants who have extensive experience and high levels of specialization in legal advice in this sector, thanks to their experience at other multinationals in the technology sector.

Our industry knowledge and close collaboration with national and international companies from the telecommunication and media industry, has allowed us to take part in operations and litigation and to advise on projects and matters of great complexity in this sector.

Among our advisory services, we can mention, as example, the following services that we have developed over recent years:

• Advice to global operators and innovative technology-based companies.

• Advice on projects and initiatives in the business world and electronic channels.

• Sectorial and regulatory legal advice on investment and divestment operations in technology-based companies (through private equity and venture capital specialized in the technology sector).

• Creation of joint ventures, and advisory services in the contracting of services and technological platforms.
In this sense, we should mention that our multidisciplinary vocation and sectorial specialization, places LaBE Abogados in an ideal national and international position, while providing great value for our clients.

The pace of the IT and telecommunications industry is very fast and LaBE Abogados is aware of this reality. Therefore, once the business opportunities offered by this sector were proven, and the problems that occasionally come up were resolved, less than 10 years ago, we decided to create a specific department to resolve issues that are directly related to the sector.

Our lawyers are people with extensive experience in the technology and telecommunications sector, and are specialists in the regulation of the sector and its markets, advising our clients in the most optimal and efficient possible way.

Likewise, at LaBE Abogados, we are fully aware of the challenges faced by companies operating in the telecommunication and audiovisual sectors and, therefore, among the services that we offer to national and international clients, the following can be mentioned:

• Advice to SMEs and technology companies which specialize in e-commerce and Internet contents.

• Company joint-ventures, as well as company cooperation agreements and company shareholders' agreements.

• Advice to communications agents’ on matters regarding marketing, protection of information, consumer protection, and protection of image rights.

• Acquisition of companies and corporate law.

• Commercial contracts and market competition.

• Advice on relations with Public Administration.

• Joint ventures, investment and disinvestment agreements, and the buying and selling of technology companies.

• Acquisitions of technology companies.

• Corporate Law.

• Negotiation and commercial contracting of audiovisual contents.

• Relations with regulatory organisms.

LaBE Abogados’ Transportation and Logistics team has lawyers who are specialists in this sector, providing advice on all aspects of operations that a business might need in the areas of national and international business transportation and logistics.

Among our clients, we have both national and international companies from the public and private sector. Nevertheless, among our major clients we have had airlines, companies from the airport sector and the General State Administration.
Among our services, we can mention the following:

• Advice on processes for obtaining concessions, licenses and authorizations.

• Advice on the leasing of aircraft and of aircraft engines.

• Contracts regarding freight and storage.

• Fuel hedging.

• Distribution, supplies, franchise and agency contracts.

The Entertainment and Tourism sector in Spain is playing a very important role in our economic recovery. At LaBE Abogados, we have a multidisciplinary team, which has been schooled at the best legal institutions specializing in the hotel industry and, thanks to their extensive experience in the sector, they will be able to offer you an overall advice service that is adapted to your needs.

The services that we have provided so far have been to potential clients that operate in these sectors, such as for example: promoters, investors, banks, hotel companies, travel agencies and sports clubs, etc.

The legal advice we offer takes in the whole consultation process, from the initial idea right up to the end of the operation.
Among the services that LaBE Abogados has provided at a national or international level in this area, the following can be included:

• The buying and selling, as well as the leasing and promotion of real estate for the promotion of the same.

• Acquisition and sale of companies in the tourism, entertainment and sports sectors.

• General contracting (funding, agencies, etc.).

• Preparation and full execution of projects.

• Arbitration and mediation.

• Tax and labour affairs of the company with which we are working.

LaBE’s Entertainment, Tourism and Sports team has extensive experience in all types of special operations as well as in some of the most important projects in our country’s tourism sector, thanks to the trust placed in us by our clients.

Nuestra filosofía

Managerial Vision

In LaBE Abogados, we have adapted a managerial stance in legal and fiscal advice in order to ensure the delivery of an effective and complete service at a balanced cost.

Personal Demands

In LaBE Abogados, we strongly believe that study and dedication are key factors for success. At this office, personnel are employed with the purpose of achieving excellence in the exercise of the profession.


We have partnership agreements with the best law firms in each jurisdiction. Knowledge of international law is one of our assets.


To obtain optimal advice, we believe that enthusiasm and devotion are two key success factors in our work.

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