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LaBE Asesores was founded to satisfy the needs of our clients in an increasingly dynamic business environment. Our advice provides you with knowledge of the trends and standards that are key to the good functioning of your company.

At LaBE Asesores, we have the capacity to respond immediately and efficiently to the constant legislative changes that occur in each sector. A direct, personalized and objective service, which is capable of responding to the demands of the individual businessman, SME's, groups of companies and large companies.


Our Mission


Services for Freelancers

Freelancing is a popular option for professionals who want to work independently on projects where they can provide more value than a company can.

At LaBE Asesores, we are specialized in consultancy for freelancers and professionals. We can do your accounts and do the paperwork for all your fiscal obligations.

It is necessary to be up to date with earnings from your work, the sources that provide it, and the state of your debts and assets. We put all the means at your disposal so this important information is obtained.

You will have all the information you need, constantly up to date and available:
• Log of invoices issued and received
• Digitized Invoices
• Presentation of tax assessments (VAT)

How does it work?

Your consultant will contact you to determine the most practical and convenient method for sending your information (fax, email etc.). We digitise and register all invoices and carry out your VAT declarations.

• Personalised consultancy
• Speed of implementation
• All invoices digitised
• Original invoices under your control
• No errors

From the moment you consider the possibility of creating your company, we are available to help you. We are experts in advising SME's and entrepreneurs.

We help you decide what type of company is best for you: a Company, a Sole Trader or a Non-Commercial Partnership? A Limited Company, Limited Liability Company or Public Limited Company? Later we can also help you with management.
In this sense, we can offer you:

At the Commercial Registry:
• Application for a company name
• Registration

Before a Notary:
• Articles of incorporation
• Statutes
• Powers
• Declarations of Estate Tax/Legal Documentation Tax

At the Tax Office:
• Tax Identification Code
• Registration on Census
• Economic Activities

At the Social Security:
• Registration of the company
• Registration as a freelancer
• Registration of workers
• Guestbook
• Notification of opening of workplace
• Other procedures and management processes

In addition, if you need, we can help you get grants and subsides To start your business.
Leave your bureaucratic procedures in the hands of experts and concentrate on your business goals.

How does it work?

At LaBE Asesores, our specialist consultants help you to evaluate the optimal legal form. We examine the main economic, fiscal and work benefits as well as the possibility of applying for grants and subsidies and the formulas for financing the investment (leasing, loans, renting, mortgages...). Then an application is made for the future company at the Commercial Registry. LaBE Asesores handles all the administrative procedures required to establish the company. Finally, once a name has been obtained for the company, we can even have it established within 24 hours. The client only has to go to the notary to formalise the establishment of the company.

• Consultancy in advance
• Speed and flexibility
• Saving time and money
• LaBE Asesores carries out all procedures at the Tax and Social Security offices

At LaBE Asesores, we produce the accounts in accordance with the principles of the New General Accounting Plan, which helps us ensure that the balance sheets give an accurate reflection of the situation of the company, in such a way that they can help with making the right decisions.

We process the accounting documentation in real time so you can get the information you need on time.

Analysis, studies and interpretation of company earnings, taking the right decisions to achieve the business’ maximum performance and maximum tax savings.

We take charge of the accounting for your business and manage all your tax obligations.

You will have all the information you need, constantly up to date and available:

• Balance Sheet
• Trial Balance Comparison
• Profit and Loss Account
• Daybook and Ledger
• Log of invoices received and issued
• Digital Invoices
• Presentation of tax and commercial models
• Income tax
• Companies
• Annual accounts…

How does it work?

Your consultant will contact you to determine the most practical and convenient method for sending your information (fax, email etc.). We digitize and register all invoices and carry out your declarations.

• Personalized consultancy
• Speed of implementation
• All your invoices are digitized
• Original invoices under your control
• No errors

At LaBE Asesores, we believe that the importance of the labour area in the company and the constant appearance of new standards make it increasingly valuable and necessary to have support from a specialized team in which you can delegate a significant amount of work and responsibility.

The labour team at LaBE Asesores identifies with the situation and principles of the client, offering comprehensive consultancy and satisfying all business needs in the area of labour relations, making use of the correct and appropriate application of the applicable legal obligations, and using the systems of telematic presentation to ensure greater convenience for our clients.

You can delegate your entire payroll and contract management to us, along with all labour procedures (employment office, Social Security...)
You will have all the information you need, constantly up to date and available:

• Payroll
• Contracts
• Discharges, leave and contract changes
• Employment office and Social Security procedures
• Accident statements

How does it work?

Your consultant will contact you to determine the most practical and convenient method for sending your information on discharges, leave or incidents (fax, email etc.). We carry out all the changes and administrative procedures.

When appropriate, we prepare the labour documentation and company certificates that you need according to your company’s profile, and we apply for all social security documents and certificates.

• Personalised consultancy
• Procedures carried out quickly
• Ease of management
• Optimisation of personnel and administration

Description of the service.

At LaBE Asesores, we can identify the best available professional in real time, to carry out your translation for the desired deadline, taking into account parameters such as the language combination and the area of experience.

The team of translators at LaBE Asesores are obliged by contract to maintain confidentiality. Only the translator and the administrative departments know about your document.

We work in over 50 languages with all possible combinations of source and target languages.

• Technical and specialist translations
• Urgent translations
• Legal translations
• Official translations
• Website Translations

How does it work?

We need to receive your text in electronic format and the translation will be delivered in its original format. There is no price supplement for files in Word, Excel or .txt formats. There will be a supplement to the tariff if your text is in the form of Photoshop files, tables, illustrations, graphics, technical designs, images etc.

• Translation carried out by translators into their native languages.
• Delivery of translations by the promised deadline.
• The Priority option allows you to adjust our delivery deadlines.
• Translation with the identical format and presentation of the original version.

LaBE Asesores’ working methodology consists in our tax consultants’ analysing your specific needs to optimize your fiscal management to make the greatest possible savings in your tax burden, this being always done within a legal framework.

We work with foreign companies and individuals with interests in Spain and with their own consultants. Our activity takes place locally, nationally and internationally.

Among our services, you will find:

Processing and presentation:
• Income tax (IRPF)
• Non-residents income tax (IRNR)
• Companies (IS)
• Value Added Tax (IVA)
• General Indirect Tax for the Canary Islands (IGIC)
• Economic Activities (IAE)

Company Restructuring Consultancy:
• Splits
• Mergers
• Non-monetary contributions
• Exchange of securities

Special taxation:
• Customs regime
• Special regimes
• Groups of companies

International taxation:
• Transfer prices
• Expatriates
• Agreements

Tax procedures:
• Attention to checks and requirements
• Deferments, splits and payment of tax debts
• Tax inspections
• Administrative resources
• Checking values

How does it work?

Your consultant will contact you to determine the most practical and convenient method for sending your information (fax, email etc.).

• Personalised consultancy
• Speed of implementation
• An impeccable job and without errors

The deadline for the submission of the Income Tax Declaration corresponding to the actual year that it is necessary to present has an exact time period. Like most people, you probably have a lot of questions about what you have to declare and what you don't, what the most advantageous way to present your accounts to the tax office is, and what tax deductions could benefit you etc.

Get as much tax relief as possible on your income tax declaration and make use of all your rights with the Tax Agency and freelance deductions from personal income tax.

We are authorized by the Tax Agency to present income tax declarations on behalf of our clients.

How does it work?

Your consultant will contact you to determine the most practical and convenient method for sending your information and your tax data (fax, email etc.).


• Personalised consultancy
• Speed of implementation
• No errors
• Maximum savings

Briefing notes for the taxpayer:

Depending on your case you should consider some of the following variables that are detailed here:

• Work income: certificates of income, retentions and costs, as well as legal expenses, professional associations, union dues.

• Income from capital assets: Certificates from the bodies paying yields, deductions and expenses (bank accounts,
securities, life insurance policies, term deposits, unit linked, etc.).

• Income from Real Estate:

Income from rent of houses or buildings and costs imputed to said rents (property tax, works, etc.).

• Income from economic activities:

Income and costs for those in direct estimation and modular units for those in the simplified regime.

• Patrimonial Variations:

Document to justify the date and price of purchase, as well as the costs inherent to the purchase and the document justifying the date and price of sale as well as the costs inherent to the sale of the item that caused the change in assets (property, shares etc.).

• Contributions:

Contributions to pension plans.
 Mortgage loans and other payments for the purchase of a habitual residence. Certificates of donations made to charities. Receipts from the rental of a habitual residence if prior to 24/04/1998.

• Certificate of Disability.

The state and the various regional autonomies invest in their citizens through grants, bursaries and subsidies to support their initiatives and they contribute to mitigate their difficulties in all areas, through social policies in areas as important as dependency, incapacity and support for the groups most affected by basic shortages, up to grants and subsidies by sector. Grants for housing are clear examples, with programs of grants for rent or purchase, or to help start up business projects.

You can access our system for searching for grants, bursaries and subsidies in the 060 network. On these pages, you will find a wide variety of grants, bursaries and subsidies.

At LaBE Asesores, we have ample experience in helping you to secure these grants, as it is often necessary to invest a lot of time in meeting the requirements requested.



We have partnership agreements with the best law firms in each jurisdiction. Knowledge of international law is one of our assets.

Managerial Vision

In LaBE Asesores, we have adapted a managerial stance in legal and fiscal advice in order to ensure the delivery of an effective and complete service at a balanced cost.

Personal demands

In LaBE Asesores we strongly believe that study and dedication are key factors for success. At this office, personnel are employed with the purpose of achieving excellence in the exercise of the profession.


To obtain optimal advice, we believe that enthusiasm and devotion are two key success factors in our work.

Contact with us

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