LaBE Consultores

LaBE Consultores is one of the most important firms in Spain, providing strategic and business consulting in various fields and industries, to individuals, financial institutions, public administrations, SMEs and multinational companies, thus creating value for them.

We are a group of consultants with more than 40 years of professional experience and, thanks to the involvement in every one of the issues that we accept, and the innovative and efficient solutions we create, we have distinguished ourselves nationally and internationally for solving complex issues, always achieving success for our clients.


Our mission


LaBE Consultores has a team of consultants who are specialists in customs and international trade, which, thanks to their experience in multinational firms and the increase in global trade which our market is experiencing, they advise clients on the most efficient and effective ways to operate regarding global goods transportation.

With regard to the functions that are carried out at LaBE Consultores, we can mention the following:

• Development and implementation of strategies that will help to manage tariff costs, through the use of free trade agreements, special programs and the structuring of transactions.

• Global trade risk management, increasing and improving the efficiency and compliance with all obligations arising from international trade.

• Supply Chain and Customs Security.

• Management and improvement in processes and the firm’s internal and external controls.

• Reviewing the fulfillment of obligations regarding import and export services.

• Strategic planning for the management of customs and excise duties.

The solutions that LaBE Consultores can offer through the Aerospace department are, on the one hand, global. These are encompassed in a software solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) which was designed and manufactured for manufacturing organizations that supply products and services to the aerospace and defense industry.

Among the solutions we have offered over the years are the following:

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

• Management of national and international projects with Public Administrations.

• Supply Chain Management (SCM).

• Strategic consulting regarding Software for aerospace and defense manufacturing.

On the other hand, our consulting airlines department offers the following strategic consulting services:

• Development of planning strategies, objectives and definition of investment needs for airlines.

• Analysis of the national and international market, planning and developing networks and business objectives.

• Aircraft valuation and fleet planning.

• Strategic solutions in transactions between national and international airlines.

• Advice on the financing, leasing and sale of light aircraft, airplanes, helicopters and other supplies.

The Agro-food and Gastronomy sector within LaBE Consultores is of recent creation, thanks to the economic impact that everything related to international gastronomy is having nationally and internationally.

Our team of professionals in LaBE Consultores’ Agro-food and Gastronomy department have been offering services in this area such as:

• Product internationalization studies.

• Studies and diagnostics of the marketing positioning of firms.

• Strategic analysis of exportable products to national and international firms and public institutions.

• Preparation of studies and customized reports for SMEs and large companies of the sector.

• Studies of the entire Spanish gastronomic market as a tool for international promotion.

Labe Consult ores can help this sector which is faced with growing competition from the online automotive industry, as well as from other already existing physical competitors in the global world of the automotive industry, such as dealers who must seek new ways to manage commercial, administrative and logistical issues.

Labe Consult ores’ automotive department offers strategic solutions regarding any of these services:

• Courtesy car management.

• Damage assessment.

• Valuation of vehicles.

• Business and environmental efficiency.

• Solutions for optimizing quality and processes.

• Smart Repairs for any minor damages caused.

• The training of Managers, Heads of Sales, staff and business owners in the automotive sector.

At LaBE Consultores, we promise our clients that we will develop innovative solutions to help them face the various challenges of evolutionary industries, such as these in a more efficient way both nationally and internationally.

Therefore, we rely on specialists from the sector who have worked in different national, international and multinational firms from the same sector, indeed, some of the latter being leading firms.

As a group of specialist consultants, we offer specific services such as the following:

• Design and proposal of business models that include strategic and financial advice.

• Definition of quality control product models.

• Search for innovative pharmaceutical products.

• Proposals for efficiency improvements in pharmaceutical expenditure.

• Tax optimization of intangibles in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector.

• General and comprehensive advice on pharmaceutical distribution:

- General legal distribution regime.
- Obtaining of authorizations from national and international pharmaceutical distributor.
- Preventive advice, pre litigious and contentious in terms of defaults, together with their corresponding claims for payment.
- Protection of national and international data across the pharmaceutical sector.
- The legal and contractual framework of all types of contracts.
- Advice on customer loyalty programs.
- Tax planning.

The Business Intelligence department a LaBE Consultores is one of the most important pillars of our firm, as we consider this area to be an extremely important department because of the extraordinarily successful results that it is having, thanks to its professionals.

LaBE’s consultants, who are specialized in Business Intelligence, contribute a distinctive factor so that the client’s business project moves forward both in technological terms and in terms of business analysis.

In this sense, we can briefly mention the services offered by LaBE Consultores in the Business Intelligence area:

• Implementation of Business Intelligence technologies in SMEs and multinational firms.

• Management of Technologies and data Business Intelligence for our clients, public firms and State Institutions.

• Presentation and delivery of Business Plans based on Business Intelligence.

All with the purpose of:
• Identifying the needs of the firm and defining the general conception of possible solutions and strategies.

• Focusing business planning to define needs for the planning of the project to be developed.

• Designing and developing solutions through the execution of tests, courses and simulations.

• Adopting strategic measures to optimize, performance, notification and training of substantial parts of the project as well as its business monitoring through technological means.

With a qualified team of experts originally occupying highly responsible positions in the Ministry of Defense and national and foreign Armies, LaBE Consultores, and it’s Defense Department in particular, has created synergies between firms and the public administration, which has allowed us to offer the following consulting services in this area:

• Advice to armies on the resolution of issues related to their organization, procedures, logistic solutions and projects.

• Strategic analysis through the perception of the strategic environment and the identification of threats and risks in the surroundings.

• Analysis and studies of legal projects related to national and international Defense.

• Advising on the needs of armies and the characteristics of materials for their implementation in a company.

• Strategic analysis on everything relating to knowledge regarding strategic position in order to avoid unforeseen situations.

• Assessment of the internal capabilities of a company and of future events that need a solution.

• Identification of partners for the implementation of projects or a defense strategy at international level.

LaBE Consultores has broad national and international experience in strategic energy consulting both to firms and to public institutions. In this sense, among the services offered by our consultants, we can mention some, such as:

• Carrying out technical-economic feasibility studies for firms and public institutions.

• Searching for tools to aid decision making in energy projects for national and international governments as well as for private firms.

• Comparison of project approaches at regional and national levels.

• All matters relating to the guiding of valuations in foreign direct investments.

• Management tasks regarding guarantees of origin before the CNE.

LaBE Consultores has, for more than 40 years, been helping entertainment, content broadcasting, publishing and electronic portal companies in their adaptation to the electronic and digital reality we are now living in.

In this sense, the professionals that make up the Internet, Media and Entertainment team offer strategic solutions and opportunities to boost growth and high performance goals, which are required by our clients.

Therefore, LaBE Consultores provides various consulting services in this sector, some of the main ones are the following:

• Digital Solutions depending on consumer habits and preferences.

• LaBE Digital Monetization Solutions and Risk Management.

• Digital supply chain solutions.

• Development of cost reduction plans and strategies.

• Achievement and monitoring of strategies for the development of high performance systems in the field of media and entertainment.

• Strategy of Outsourcing services for applications, business processes and for external and internal business.

• Advice on the broadcasting sector.

• Business consulting in the area of publishing and electronic portals.

At LaBE Consultores, we evaluate the economic and environmental consequences of our clients’ forest plantation projects, thanks to the extensive experience in this sector of two of the firm’s main partners.

Among the forest consulting services that we have developed until now, we can mention:

• Implementation of forest agricultural technology.

• Exploitation, fertilization and studies on forestry practices.

• Protection against pests and the control of undesirable species.

• Reforestation projects.

• Regional, national and international replantation and forest recovery.

• Land management and its impacts/risks.

The Healthcare department at LaBE Consultores provides public and private clients with consulting services in the fields of health policy and health services.

Among our clients are: councils, regional and autonomous health services, public organisms, hospitals, research centres, foundations, professional associations, educational institutions, insurance and mutual companies and national and international investors with interests in Spain.

The expertise of our consultants as well as their flexibility and adaptability enables LaBE Consultores to work will all types of organizations. Among our services, the following can be mentioned:

• Preparation of various institutions’ strategies and economic development plans.

• Hospital and clinical management.

• Advice on transactions between different types of clients.

• Management and organization of hospitals, laboratories, research centres, insurance and mutual companies.

• Management of the professionals in the sector.

• Study and analysis of the economic viability of infrastructure and equipment in hospitals and clinics.

• Information and technology systems.

• Research and technological innovation.

• Analysis of the social environment of national and international investment.

LaBE Consultores is the leader in the development and delivery of mining projects at a European level. Our team of consultants, with over 40 years’ experience in the mining sector, will provide a greater understanding of the risks and opportunities involved in your project.

LaBE Consultores mining centres of excellence are located in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In this sense, we are a global leader in strategic consulting in national and international projects because we offer:

• Initial studies and strategic consulting services.

• Design and development of metallurgical and mining processes thanks to our partners in other firms and sectors.

• Design of open cast and underground mines by our collaborators.

• Geotechnical and waste management services.

• Environmental and socioeconomic studies.

• Project management, logistics and construction management.

• Experience and analysis in authorizations and closures.

• Implementations of projects through a preliminary economic feasibility study.

LaBE Consultores is the leader in the development and delivery of mining projects at a European level. Our team of consultants, with over 40 years’ experience in the mining sector, will provide a greater understanding of the risks and opportunities involved in your project.

LaBE Consultores mining centres of excellence are located in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In this sense, we are a global leader in strategic consulting in national and international projects because we offer:

• Initial studies and strategic consulting services.

• Design and development of metallurgical and mining processes thanks to our partners in other firms and sectors.

• Design of open cast and underground mines by our collaborators.

• Geotechnical and waste management services.

• Environmental and socioeconomic studies.

• Project management, logistics and construction management.

• Experience and analysis in authorizations and closures.

• Implementations of projects through a preliminary economic feasibility study.

LaBE Consultores offers comprehensive consulting services for the lifespan of your oil and gas project.

Our clients are SMEs, multinational companies in the hydrocarbons and Public Administrations sectors, to which we have offered a wide variety of services, preparing in each case packages of personalized service with the best solution to the needs of each actor in the economic operation.

Below you can see some of the services we have developed for this industry throughout our professional history:

• Management of national and international firms projects in the hydrocarbon sector.

• Planning and design phase of projects and investments in Spain and abroad.

• Production phase, machinery cost, project feasibility and construction management.

• Operations and maintenance phase through service evaluations, studying conditions and tax inspections.

The commitment of LaBE Consultores, through its Pensions Department, is to achieve the best solution according to the client’s needs. In this sense, we take care, on the one side, of everything related to the design, implementation, management and communication of savings plans, thus combining the calculations of benefits with the risks and returns of the investments that we make.

Among some of the services, the following can be mentioned:

• Defined Benefits.

• Defined Contribution which is marked according to the nature of the group.

• Study, analysis and implementation of senior management plans for companies.

• Establishment of assumptions and valuation of the Accounting commitment for company pensions and their workers.

• All matters relating to Early Retirement.

The Real Estate area is covered by one of the most experienced departments in the LaBE Group.

Its professionals have over 40 years’ experience in the field of real estate and thanks to the work done over that time, they have received numerous national and international awards from several academic and private institutions.

Our team will help you decide the best options for integrating real estate assets in your national or international investment strategy.

Among Real Estate’s offer of strategic consulting services are the following:

• Strategic advice on the implementation of the client’s investment strategy.

• Formalization and implementation of strategies through the structuring of asset portfolios.

• Fulfillment of aims of profitability/risk by geographical preferences (country, Autonomous Community, zone, city) and type of preferred asset (offices, commercial space, industrial buildings, logistic and residential platforms, etc.), as well as their level of objective indebtedness.

• Analysis of the target market through our department of Research at LaBE Consultores.

• Optimal strategy proposal in project implementation and in the preparation of feasibility and financial risk studies in order to ensure the success of the project.

The need for innovative and sustainable products is essential when addressing a market characterized by consumers who are increasingly demanding.

In this sense, LaBE Consultores puts the Retail & Consumption team at the disposal of its clients. This team is formed by multidisciplinary professionals characterized by their interdepartmental skills, in order to anticipate consumers’ needs. To this end, we offer a quality service on every day or strategic issues, which we adapt to client demands and expectations through the following:

• Consulting throughout the implementation and logistics process of a firm.

• Management in all matters relating to business processes.

• Assistance in improving the performance and productivity in a firm.

• Management in intellectual property and trademarks.

• Orientation in relation to market entry and expansion.

The public sector and that of NGOs is key to guaranteeing our country’s efficient social and economic development. Therefore, LaBE Consultores provides efficient solutions adapted to the public sector in order to achieve lasting results for our clients. To this end, it has a team of specialist consultants in the public sector that offer comprehensive solutions to the various administrations and public firms we are working with. Among our services, we offer the following:

• Development, planning and evaluation of public policies, either educational or social.

• Assistance in the strategic definition and subsequent implementation of projects in the public sector.

• Support for the restructuring and transformation of Public Administrations.

• Definition and support in the technological transformation processes for governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

• Management of public-private partnerships.

The department in charge of the Labour and Social Security area of LaBE Consultores is made up of a team of 6 consultants of great national prestige, which, thanks to the high executive training that is present in the area of social security, we can offer the following strategic consulting services:

• Study, analysis and development of different types of employment contracts.

• Mediation and study of labour disputes that may develop before the implementation of a product.

• Consulting on Occupational Health and Safety.

• Informative consultancy and strategic analysis reports on national and international subsidies and financial aid.

• Management of the processing of documentation before Labour and Social Security Inspections.

• Analysis of possible disability, invalidity, unemployment or retirement benefits.

In recent times, insurance activity has been growing in our country so the various services offered by the insurance industry are increasing. In this sense, LaBE Consultores has the ambitious aim of contributing to this growth and, therefore, knows the insurance market inside out, as well as the various challenges that emerge in the same.

We work with leading firms in the insurance sector nationally and internationally trying to achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team formed by professionals with extensive experience in insurance, LaBE Consultores, offers its clients a range of services adapted to their needs. Among them, we can highlight:

• Consulting about insurance entities.

• Orientation in the definition and implementation of strategies focused on management support and business areas.

• Proposing solutions for insurance industry in activities such as risk control, business management, human resources, etc.

• Advice on the insurance sector in general and in insurance products and services.

Decisions of a strategic and operational character must be analyzed from a financial perspective in order to know what economic impact these have on a business. The financial department at LaBE Consultores believes that these decisions require much analysis due to their implications in all fields: economic structural, results, optimal debt level, liquidity variation and value creation for shareholders.

Therefore, we have one of the best teams of consultants, with each member coming from the national or international financial sector and, thanks to their expertise, they can offer strategic solutions such as:

• Diagnosis of the financial situation and planning.

• Preparation and study of annual economic budgets.

• Feasibility analysis of projects and investments.

• Preparation of dossiers for bank debt negotiation.

• Negotiation with banks and proposals for strategic WIN-to-WIN solutions.

• Search for investors and venture capital both nationally and internationally.

The Transport and Logistics team at LaBE Consultores is made up of specialist consultants in this sector who offer advice on all operational aspects of your business, either in the national or international areas of transport and logistics.
Our activity covers:

• The Consulting and Strategic Planning and Engineering of the entire supply chain in the circulation of goods.

• Development of National and International Business Plans assessing the risks of transport and logistics for the product/company concerned.

• Advice on the management and implementation of project and transport initiatives, which are to be carried out.

• Strategic solutions for the development and implementation of projects in the following fields:

- Maritime-Ports.

- Road transport and logistics services.

- Passenger transport.

- Railway Sector.

The technology and telecommunications industry is constantly growing, so the challenges that the industry and our clients face are increasing, and LaBE Consultores is aware of this. In this sense, our firm offers our clients a group of specialists who are able to face these challenges in the most effective possible way.
We provide the following services:

• Advice on capital investment in technology firms.

• Assistance in the execution of financial and fiscal business projects for SMEs in the telecommunications sector.

• Optimization of operations and cost reduction technology projects.

• Definition and implementation of business strategies for both firms and individuals.

• Risk analysis and feasibility plans.

• Operational and financial improvement proposals.

• Transformation of applications portfolio of clients with profitable assets.

• Data Center Technology & Operations to obtain high returns/performance.

• Infrastructure consulting, transforming a complex infrastructure into a cost effective and flexible infrastructure.

• IT and Transformation strategy offering a global IT perspective.

• Security Solutions to protect customer data as well as to develop relationships of trust among partners.

LaBE Consultores is aware of the importance of industrial development in our country, and we work to offer solutions aimed at increasing the competitiveness and profitability of industry.

In this sense, our team has in-depth knowledge of this sector with specific ideas that have been developed while working on the different challenges that have faced us in each new project. As a result, LaBE Consultores has clients throughout Spain as well as in parts of Europe.

Among the services that LaBE Consultores offers its clients in this sector, the following can be mentioned:

• Improvement proposals regarding productivity and flexibility in all kinds of industries.

• Measures to reduce industrial costs in SMEs and large businesses.

• Resources optimization, including possible negotiation with suppliers or possible alternatives for improving productivity.

• Design and implementation of business models that include opportunities for business growth.

• Development of sales and operations processes for business growth, which consequently, helps in the expansion of the industry/firm.

Our Phillosophy

Managerial Vision

At LaBE Consultores, we have adopted a managerial attitude in legal and fiscal advice in order to ensure a comprehensive and effective service at a balanced cost.

High level of Personal Standards

At LaBE Consultores, we strongly believe that study, updating business knowledge at a national and international level and dedication, are key success factors. At this firm, we work with the aim of achieving excellence in strategic advisory business decisions that provide unique solutions for unique customers.


Thanks to a history of more than forty years advising multinationals and Spanish companies, LaBE Consultores has partnership agreements with the best worldwide consulting firms. In this sense, knowledge of the law, tax system, national and international enterprise culture and the high degree of specialization of each one of our consultants, is part of our assets. The consultants in our firm also offer advice in English, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. The firm is also a member of other leading international networks of consulting firms.


To be able to give optimal advice, we believe that enthusiasm and devotion are two factors that are key in the success of our work.

Contact with us

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